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Complete guide to starting a butterfly garden.

When designing your dream property, you may envision the vivid colors of a luscious lawn and beautiful flowers, but what about the magical array of colors on the wings of a butterfly? Or the gentle hum of a bee?Factoring in native species of plants that will attract pollinators will not only liven up your garden, but contribute to the ecosystem in a way you can be proud of.



Asclepias, also known as Milkweed, is a perennial native to New England that is well known for its ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

This flower can give your garden a pop of pink, however they can come in a variety of colors. Milkweed requires 6-8 hours of full sun a day.

The amount of sunlight they require is an important factor to consider when choosing this plant. M. Coelho Group will advise you on the compatibility of plants for property when doing a property assessment.


Blazing Star

Liatris, also known as Blazing Star or Gayfeather, are a perennial variety that blooms a vivid purple.

This flower has a unique shape, which can add dimension to your garden, as it grows up to 3 feet tall.

Monarch butterflies are especially attracted to blazing star. The plant is often referred to as a monarch “magnet”.



Goldenrod, or Solidago, are late bloomers. You’ll be enjoying their bright yellow color well into autumn, which means pollinators will too! This flower requires full sun, and can. Survive in poor soil.

When discussing your garden dreams with M. Coelho Group, soil quality may be an element that will determine your choice in plants. Goldenrod is an excellent choice for less than ideal conditions.



Aster can grow as tall as 6ft! A perfect pit stop for pollinators. This pretty little flower is in the daisy family.

Another great option for a sunny garden.

This flower is a classic New England plant, playing a huge part in the ecosystem.

Aster can benefit butterflies, moths, bees, as well as caterpillars!



Also known as Aquilegia, Columbine is a flower that loves the shade!

This flower comes in a wide range of color, offering variety to your landscape.

This flower is another beautiful option if you’re looking to provide nectar for hummingbirds.


When deciding on the flowers you want to incorporate into your garden, considering native plants is a beautiful way to care for your ecosystem. M. Coelho Group will work with you to design the ultimate butterfly and hummingbird garden, so that you can truly enjoy the wide variety of natural beauty that New England has to offer.


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